"When it was time for the Town of Huntersville Public Works to build a new crew truck, we knew just where to go.  Our staff sat down with the good folks at Palfleet and told them our wants and needs.  They made numerous suggestions based off their years of experience.  The end result was an affordable, well built crew truck that has given us zero problems over the last several years.  The quality of workmanship and the customer service is second to none."

- Steve Robbins
Town of Huntersville Public Works 

"ONCOR Electric Delivery has used Dallas Palfleet for the past 8 years to outfit and install equipment on our trucks Their work and outfitting is superior. They have mounted over 250 Service Body or Flatbed units and outfitted more than 70 Vans. Victor is my contact that handles our orders, he is very knowledgeable with this type of equipment. He help with getting our truck in and out in an orderly manner. When we need road service, they are quick to respond. We are counting on them again for this year’s orders."

- John Ozymy
ONCOR Electric Delivery 

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