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PalFleet Truck Equipment has over 70 years of experience in the truck equipment industry. Today, we are one of the largest established truck equipment distributors in the United States, boasting ten upfit locations.

As a driven company with a passion for offering the finest truck body and equipment products available, our goal is to be the best value for our customers by providing the highest quality, most dependable service, best delivery, and the strongest support while maintaining competitive pricing.

Whether you have a couple of trucks running locally or hundreds of trucks running nationally, PalFleet makes all aspects of your truck fleet management easier!

96" Standard "H" configuration service body with optional headache rack and work lighting

Why Choose PalFleet?


Application Expertise

PalFleet's industry specific application specialists work closely with professionals in a wide range of industries to understand what equipment is needed for what job function. From standard to special application bodies and equipment, an experienced PalFleet application specialist will find you the best solution or solutions for your business.

Contact our application specialists:
Chip Jones (615) 693-1501
Tony Gentile @ (712) 310-4665
Will Coyne @ (706) 897-8180

Composite Service Body with air compressor and hose reels





Broad Range of Products

PalFleet supplies and installs a wide range of products to accommodate the needs of most any fleet or application. We represent some of the most respected names in the truck equipment industry.

Just some of the truck mounted equipment we can provide is listed to the right:

9' Platform body with custom drop sides, hitch and liftgate



Multiple Locations

PalFleet is made up of multiple locations in major metropolitan areas throughout the Midwest and Southeast. This allows greater production capacity for quicker turnaround times and more logistical flexibility to reduce transportation costs.



Consistent Installations

PalFleet has a fulltime draftsman who generates CAD drawings for each equipment package specification that is then used by the up fit location as a production guide for installing the equipment. This insures consistent installation across all PalFleet locations.


Centralized Fleet Department

PalFleet understands the need of fleet/leasing companies to have a central contact for their entire organization. We have centralized our fleet/leasing department at the Louisville, KY location. This centralization eliminates the confusion over whom to contact for status updates and quotes.

 "One contact - One Call"

(502) 966-6108

or you can e-mail us at:




Chassis Pool Program

PalFleet is an authorized bailment pool for Ford, GM and RAM. We stock a variety of commercial chassis readily available for up fit.

Depending on your budget cycle, you can utilize the pool program to insure chassis availability when you need it or have immediate access to inventory in case of an unforeseen need.

With our ability to work with any dealer in the country, and because all OEM fleet incentives still apply to the vehicle, you have the flexibility to purchase through whoever you need to.

Pool Locations:
Ford: Louisville, KY/Council Bluffs, IA/Nashville, TN
GM: Jackson/Trenton, NJ/Council Bluffs, IA/Nashville, TN
RAM: Indianapolis, IN/Council Bluffs, IA/ Nashville, TN


Ford Ship-Thru

Our Louisville, KY location is an authorized Ford Ship-Thru operation. The Louisville Ship-Thru covers Ford Super Duty F-150, F-250, F-350, F450, F-550, Ranger and Explorer.

The process is pretty simple.  Ford ships a truck to our location. The truck is upfitted with the ordered equipment. The truck is returned back into the Ford transportation system.

The unit can then be shipped to a Ford dealer anywhere in the United States for easy pick up.

NOTE: There is a nominal transportation fee and the equipment has to fit the "ship thru window" (the dimensional restrictions of the transport carriers). 




Some of the benefits of Ship-Thru

Consistency in installation
Quality control
Price Consistency
OEM approved
Work ready
Freight savings


Ford Ship-thru Codes

Drop Ship Capabilities

PalFleet locations are approved drop ship points for Ford, Chevrolet, GMC and Ram. Fleet/leasing companies can have trucks drop shipped to the PalFleet location closest to the end user. 


Service and Support

PalFleet has a nationwide service solution.  We service all brands and types of cranes, liftgates, hoists, hook lifts, cable roll-offs, aerial devices, truck-mounted forklifts and much more.

Our knowledgeable, friendly technicians will   resolve your equipment issues at one of the PalFleet full service locations, at your facility,
or on the jobsite.

Services include but are not limited to 
Equipment Repair
Preventive and Scheduled Maintenence
Equipment Training
Crane Inspections
Operator Certification
Rail Gear Inspection and Repair

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If you need something unique or out of the ordinary,

PalFleet is here to help!

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