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We just need to know a couple of things:

What body material do you want?

"Standard" beds are available in steel or aluminum construction with rumber flooring, bulkhead (with lights and window), assorted storage boxes driver side, retention rail passenger side, E-track on both sides and front, recessed "D" rings, recessed tank cradle inserts, 2 aluminum tank cradles, flip safety placards, 20 lb. fire extinguisher, and 2-step bumper for easy access to cargo area.

Steel with Rumber Floor

Main body constructed of steel with rumber floor. Base body features include a 42" bukhead with window, 6" x 3" x 1/4" tubing long beams, 4" channel cross members on 12" centers, custom 2-step bumper, receiver hitch, and black powder coat finish.

Aluminum with Rumber Floor

Main body constructed of aluminum with rumber floor and a 2' steel crane section Base body features include a 42" bukhead with window, 4" channel long beams, 3" I-beam cross members on 10" centers, custom 2-step steel bumper, and receiver hitch.


What size crane do you need?

PSCTS AL Tank Setter with PSC 6025 


Rated at 38,500 ft. lbs. (6,000 lb. max), this crane has a powered outreach to 25' and winch speed of 28' per min. On the PSCTS tank set truck, it comes standard with crane mounting pedestal, boom rest, outriggers and radio remote control.
PTO driven, hydraulic is recommended and what is considered standard but this crane is available with electric over hydraulic power pack.

Learn more about the PSC 6025


Rated at 43,000 ft. lbs. (8,000 lb. max), this crane has a powered outreach to 29' and winch speed of 60' per min. On the PSCTS tank set truck, it comes standard with crane mounting pedestal, boom rest, outriggers and radio remote control.
Only available with PTO driven hydraulic power.

Learn more about the PSC 4329


What options will work best for your application?

* Tall Configuration: tall cabinet recessed at the front and a long box mounted behind on the top of the platform

Storage boxes
store tools and fittings securely

Drivers side storage boxes with adjustable shelving and LED interior lighting provide secure storage out of the elements.

Steel block storage box with openings for mud and rocks to fall through allow easy access block storage crucial to tank setting.

Standard drop down passenger side retaining rail with optional underbody storage box

Cargo Control
move all tank sizes with one truck

Passenger side retaining rail and E-track along each side of the bed allows for storage of multiple tank sizes.

Recessed "D" rings in the floor allow for safe and secure tank containment.


Rumber Flooring with Tank Cradle Inserts
provides safety in any weather

Rumber composite flooring made from 100% recycled goods provides excellent traction and insures longevity (20 year warranty).

Integrated tank cradle inserts allow cradle storage when not in use and quick placement for two 500 gal. or one 1,000 gal. tank(s).
* 2 aluminum tank cradles included

Flip Safety Placards
meet DOT regulations

Placards located on all sides of the vehicle in addition to a 20 lb. fire extinguisher (not shown) ensure proper DOT compliance.


LED Lighting
less maintenance and more visability

Recessed LED stop, turn, and back-up lights in the bumper ensure other drivers will see you.

Three fixed and two adjustable LED flood lights allow safer working conditions when visibility is low

Optional Drawer Sets
to keep fittings and tools organized

Not a part of the standard package but can be added. Aluminum drawer sets with 250 lb. capacity slides are available in all sizes and configurations to fit the storage boxes. With drawer sizes from 2" - 7" and optional dividers, these are a good way to keep tank fittings and tools organized for increased efficiency.


Standard Power out (driver side only) / Power down outriggers

required for stability

Outriggers extend on the driver side only. Choose from full power or manual out/power down.

Standard 2-step bumper with receiver hitch and safety placard

Rear Step Bumper
2-step for safe easy access to cargo area

Designed to protect the outrigger when stowed, provide easy access to the cargo area, and act as under ride protection. You can add additional steps if needed.
Integrated receiver hitch, recessed stop/tail/turn and back up lights included.


Color Backup Camera System
increased visibility and safety

The backup camera system with color monitor allows for safe and easy backing even when carrying propane tanks on the bed.

Optional Front Mount Winch with Grill Guard
for severe wet, icy, or off road conditions

Available in several capacities and with several grill guard styles. 


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